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Symmetrical Metallic Purple and Gold Ring Pour with Black
Dual Ring Pour Wavy Lines with Magenta, Gold, Green, and Teal

28" x 36"

This piece was in an exhibit at the Art League of Long Island. There is so much contrast between the various colors and values, with the metallic gold really adding depth. I get the wavy lines by tilting back and forth several times to disrupt the original even lines. The waves give it so much visual interest.

Asymetrical Blue and Purple Ring Pour with Black and Gold

20" x 28"

I love the process for these semi-symmetrical ring pours. This pour began with two cups of identically layered paint, poured on the canvas simultaneously. Once the tilting process begins, anything can happen — lines shift and move and the symmetrical becomes asymmetrical. That's where the magic happens.

Symmetrical Metallic Purple and Gold Ring Pour with Black

10" x 20"


This ring pour has some really cool effects from the rings stretching during pouring. The metallic "river" in the center becomes a focal point and gives depth to the finished piece.

Copper and xxxx

28" x 20"


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