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Jennifer Mariotti - art exhibit




These days, I have been exploring acrylic pour painting in which paint is applied to the canvas without brushes. Carefully mixed paint is poured onto the canvas using a variety of methods and then manipulated using various techniques like tilting, blowing, spinning, or dragging. Mastering these techniques is only part of the equation; choosing pleasing color palettes, determining the order and dominance of the colors, perfecting the balance of paint to canvas size, and applying it with a bit of control are the aspects of this method that are really exciting. 




Based in suburban Long Island, NY, I have been creating since I was a child. During my school years I took every available art elective, was named "most artistic" in the yearbook, won the annual art award, was the art editor of the school newspaper, and won "best graphics in the Diocese. This, plus my love of art, lead me to pursue a BFA from Pratt Institute. 


I work in a variety of methods and mediums including ceramics, acrylic paint, and mosaic tile. I obsessively up-cycle and refinish furniture, dabble in faux paint finishes, and love to tackle home improvement and decorating projects. I also sew, crochet, and garden.


March 2022. The artist with her work at a gallery showing in Dix Hills, NY.

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