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Purple and Violet Ring Pour with Black

16" x 16"


This ring pour layers three shades of purple with black in between, repeated several times and poured in the center of the canvas. The black gives separation to the layers of purple, providing depth in an otherwise monochromatic piece.

blues green aqua metallic ring pour.jpg
Metallic Teal and Green Ring Pour with Blue and Silver

10" x 20"

Metallic aqua with blue, green and silver give this ring pour an aquatic feel. The vertical orientation enhances the rings. This single ring pour has wavy lines that create visual interest as the curves gently move from one side to the other.

blues and aqua wrecked ring pour.jpg
Blue and Aqua Wrecked Ring Pour

16" x 20"

My sister chose the colors for this ring pour. It was a good opportunity to experiment with a wrecked ring and I'm so happy with the results. The shape it created is almost web-like, but the colors give it more of an aquatic feel.

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