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Purple and Black Dutch Pour with Gold, Framed

16" x 20"

With a Dutch pour your second decision (after the colors) is the direction you want to lay down the paint and blow out the petals. Here I chose to apply the paint vertically with the canvas, and keep the petals fairly even. 

pink blue teal gold dutch pour 10x20.jpg
Pastel Dutch Pour with Purple, Teal, Deep Pink, and Metallic Gold

10" x 20"

This is a fun color combination for a dutch pour. It's pastel yet vibrant, with metallic gold highlights that create depth.

purple and gold dutch pour.jpg
Purple and Gold Dutch Pour

16" x 20"

This purple and gold Dutch pour is one of my favorites. It's exactly what you want in a Dutch pour with the colors keeping their vibrancy without too much blending. The varnish makes the metallic gold really pop. 

Aqua Dutch Pour with Gold and Blue

10" x 20"

I love how delicate the aqua petals are on this Dutch pour. The gold and blue details add depth and contrast.

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